A Leap of Faith

So I did it.  I took a jump and I told that boy how I felt.  And oh how relieved I feel. I told hime what I wanted and he wanted it too!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!  It only takes some communication and little bit of grit.

I mean, it’s not as perfect as it sounds but it’s a work in progress.  And that’s all I need.  I can figure the rest out from here.  But it’s important to remind myself that I’m happy with you I am and what I am doing now.  Just because a boy is in my life now, doesn’t mean that’s where my happiness come from.  It’s something that I always struggle with so as I take this leap of faith, I need to tell myself that I am great just as I am alone.

I can’t forget that.  But as of now, I’m riding the leap and doing my thang.  Going with the flow of things, and if it works out, it works out.  If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.  In the end I will still be okay.  I just need to be happy with me, and the rest will figure itself out.


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