I am so content. I have moments through out the day where I get some anxiety, but I am content! I’ve been trying really hard to look at the big picture and focus on myself and I am doing so well.  I have been given this time to focus on me and better myself and I really truly believe that I am accomplishing it.

The boy I’m talking to is still gone fighting fires and I can honestly say that I haven’t had anxiety over it or sadness. This is a huge thing for me!  I usually go crazy and cry, but I’ve just been going through out my days and enjoying the time I’ve been given for myself.

Things with my roommate have not gotten better, but I don’t plan on them improving. And some people might think I am a bitch but I am just trying to find my way.  I say this in every post, but I can honestly notice my own improvement.  I don’t dread waking up in the morning anymore to figure out what to do with my day.  I am content and excited for each day that I live and I’m trying to make the most of them.

Yesterday I went on this magnificent hike and I really got to enjoy nature and look at all the beauty that this world holds.  It is absolutely spectacular watching nature in front of you.  It’s a beautiful world we are living in, we can’t let people overwhelm the simplicity in the opportunity to do our own thing.  Just keep going and keep your head up because there are so many things we can find to make our eyes open wide with happiness.


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