Learning to Trust

I am not one to trust anybody.  My parents are the only ones I can truly trust, but even then I get nervous when I tell them what to order in my burrito… So this boy. Mr. Firefighter, gentleman, genuinely nice guy.  He is honestly teaching me how to trust again.  At least for right now.  I truly believe that I can have faith that what he says is true and how he feels is honest.  And I also truly believe that if, with time, his feelings falter and he learns that he doesn’t like me that much anymore, that he will be honest.

He communicates, I mean, when he’s around me. (He absolutely sucks at texting…) When he’s with me he shows affection, and with all of this I’m learning to trust.  I’m learning to trust that everything is okay because there’s no reason to think that it isn’t.  I’m trusting that if he actually didn’t like me and didn’t want to be around me that he would tell me, instead of lead me on.  I’m trusting that there isn’t another girl like he told me before.

Now with all this trust that I’m building, I’m also building such a risk.  Cause what if he actually isn’t being honest.  And the jokes on me, because that’s where I have to learn how to trust. So I’m happy and learning, going with the flow of things, and trusting…


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