The Taking Off Stage

So I use this term “taking off stage” for just about every relationship that I get into. The metaphor I use is like a plane taking off.  When you first start talking it’s like getting onto the plane and buckling in while making small talk with the person you’re sitting next to. Then when things get going and you decide that you want to further things it’s like the plane taking off.  It’s a little shaky at first trying to figure things out so I call it the “taking off stage” cause hopefully we can get off the ground and be high off life together.

For the past year, not a single person I’ve talked to has made it past the “taking off stage” until now.  Mr. Firefighter is stealing my heart with every thing that he does.  I mean like he is checking all my boxes and I can’t be happier.  And sadly, I am falling so hard.  I’m still focusing on me and doing the things that I need to do to make myself happy, but I am really falling for this boy.

The simple thought of him just lights me up with a smile and then I just continue to think of what he does with me (in more ways than one) and I just lose it. However, I know that my feelings are developing more, but I am not going to take action because I know that this is fast so I will continue this relationship but keep my deep feelings aside. I know that he likes me but I also know that he is hesitant. So when the time comes I know that I will probably need to take the lead, but it’s going to be good.

I’m trusting, learning, happy, and, well taking off!


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